bernard humphrey-gaskin

Street Photography by Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin.

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Eid Festival - Trafalgar Square, London

Gallery 5

Eid Festival - Trafalgar Square, London,  - street photography - 25th July 2015 - taken by Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin principal of abp Chartered Architects , Bromley architects.

Eid Festival is a Mayor of London event to mark the end of Ramadan

“ I think on this occasion I was actually expecting a more colourful event, with streamers and banners.  I therefore felt I was tasked with being even more creative than I have been in the past.  I started to again look at the buildings as permanent features, with the people and activities as transient.  However, this time I had the semi-permanent aspect of the water falling from the fountains, and I got very interested in the way objects can be seen through it. “ .... Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin , abp Chartered Architect

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