bernard humphrey-gaskin

Photography by the Architect !!!

Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin, principal of

abp Chartered Architects, Bromley architects.

Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin is a chartered architect with a keen interest in street photography.

Architecture is not just doing drawings, but the visualisation of an idea into a built form, that is represented by a human need for living within a physical shelter.  The shelter in this instance being anything from homes, schools, offices, work places, museums, hospitals and airports, etc etc.  The visualisation process, if done properly, is therefore an art.  Photography, if done properly, is also an art.  Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin appreciates both these arts forms, and is happy to share them with you.  

“ I like looking at the way the near permanence of the built environment is changed by the human interaction with it.  Buildings and spaces are fairly static, but it is the society that interfaces with them  that make me interested in recording them  in a picture “.... Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin, abp Chartered Architects

Thank you for visiting this website.  If you would like to know more about Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin and his art, please feel free to contact him..  If you would like to see his architectural art, see his business website at:

Click on the photographs to link to the gallery:

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